Image of Professor Rima BasuImage of Professor Shieber

Rima Basu (left) is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Claremont McKenna College. Basu has published extensively in epistemology, with papers on topics including moral encroachment, doxastic wronging, and racist beliefs. The central theme of Basu’s work is that when it comes to what we should believe, morality is not voiceless. Basu will present their paper, “The Wrongs of Racist Beliefs.”

Joseph Shieber (right) is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Lafayette College. Shieber’s research interests include epistemology, with a particular specialization in the epistemology of testimony and social epistemology, philosophy of language, and the history of philosophy. Shieber has published a number of articles in leading philosophy journals as well as a book on the philosophy of testimony. Shieber will present their paper, “Divorcing Doxastic and Epistemic Obligation.”

This event was sponsored by the Louise M. Olmsted Fund for Ethics.

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